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These are some javascripts I wrote to help me with some calculations/stuff I find myself doing a lot.

Autolinks - Duplicate text with ascending numbers (for pasting links)
Autolinks for text lists - Duplicate text but replace certain strings with other text. For making links to lots of files for example.
Video tools - Calculate aspect ratio, convert timecode to frames and vice versa

Anime Studio scripts

Menu scripts:

Instant limb | View video

Last updated: 2010-07-19

Automates the rigging of limbs (arms, legs). Select the bone that you want to become the lower arm or lower leg and run the script. After setting the options you want and clicking OK you'll have a rigged limb ready to animate.

Round edges | View image

Last updated: 2010-07-04

Inserts circles on either selected points or all end points to give a round edge. Also helpful to conceal gaps in joints.

Frame counter | View image

Last updated: 2010-06-27

Displays the current frame in your animation. Good for feedback and editing of clips before the final render. Script will only animate the numbers between the start and end frame of your project.

For versions of Anime Studio before 7 use this script.

Save and load bone animation

Last updated: 2010-06-22

At the Lost Marble forum there is another script for saving and loading bone animation written by HeyVern. His script can save/load more bone properties but my script can save relative positions and rotations so that you can load animation between different characters.

There is also an option to flip the animation in case the original character was rigged facing the wrong way from the new character.

Tool scripts:

Point time machine | View video

Last updated: 2010-07-07

Bone time machine

Last updated: 2010-07-04

Like Point time machine but for bones.