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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I screen your short films or behind the scenes videos in a film festival, a class, or some other event?

Sure. Easiest way is to download them from Vimeo. Downloads are enabled on everything I upload there.


What cameras/lenses do you use?

Most of my shorts I've shot on various Blackmagic cameras. You get a lot in terms of picture quality from them. I've also used Panasonic GH cameras. Those I've used more for behind the scenes and various other things. You could certainly shoot shorts with them though. They're a joy to shoot with. The lens I use the most is the Sigma 18-35 f1.8. As for feature films they're usually shot with Alexa cameras with Arri Primes or Leica lenses.


What software do you use?

I'm a big fan of open source software like Blender for 3D and Krita for 2D and use them a lot. Other software I use to varying degrees: Moho Pro for animation, Clip Studio for drawing (on Windows and iPad), Resolve for color grading and editing, After Effects and Fusion for VFX, Reason for music, Mocha for planar tracking, Fade In for writing, Edius for editing (but working on switching over to Resolve).


Will you read my script/watch my movie/skype with me/meet up?

Probably not. I used to do things like that but now it feels like so much extra work and life's just too damn short. I want to share my experiences and whatever helpful tips and insights I can with aspiring filmmakers but I prefer to do it through things like youtube videos and podcasts where lots of people can see it, rather than just one on one conversations. I think that's a more effective use of my time and can be of more use to more people.


Will you be on my podcast? 

Maybe. If I'm not familiar with it I'll want to familiarize myself with it first, just to know what I'm getting myself into. Sometimes I'm just too busy to familiarize myself with podcasts though.


How did you get into showbusiness? 

Short version: By always creating things, thus getting slowly better at it, and eventually getting lucky and having the right people see it online.


Should I submit my work to film festivals or just put it on youtube?

I've won some awards in film festival which has been cool but for me it never went beyond that. I've only gotten jobs and eventually discovered by uploading things to YouTube and Vimeo. You could always do both though.


How do I contact you? 

Either on Twitter or email. I can be very bad at responding though. It's nothing personal, it's a combination of being busy, enjoying the hermit life and sometimes being withdrawn.


How do I get an agent or manager?

Read this Twitter thread by Chris McQuarrie.